June 15 - 20
Attending "Camp Wonder" Livermore,Ca.
(camp for kids with a deadly skin disease)

August 4-12
Visit friends in Venice, Cavarzere
August 8-9
Attend the annual "Premio Internazionale della Bonta" awards ceremony in LaVerna, Tuscany.


2019June 17 - 21
Attending "Camp Wonder" Livermore,Ca.
(camp for kids with a deadly skin disease)

Attending the 2019 " awards ceremony for "Comitato delle Croce Society" in Reggio Calabria



December 4- 6
Visit friends in Venice

December 7-9
Attend awards ceremony for “The Comitato della Croce” in Pisa

December 9-12

Visit friends in Cavarzere, & Porto Vio


June 19-23
Camp Wonder, Livermore, CA.

June 28-July 6

Rome/Vatican , Italy


Sept. 11
Attend annual ceremony for the “Remembrance of the Victims of 9/11” in Hazleton, Pa.

Oct. 19-27

Visit-- Sabaudia, Roma, Abruzzo, Vatican, Neptuno.

Dec. 11-20

Visit—Venice, Cavarzere, Adria
Attended – awards ceremony in Verona with “The Comitato della Croce”




April 25
Cosma & Daminao Soecity of Howard Beach will be honoring Vincent Tummino as this year
“Successful Italian American” @ Roma Villa, Howard Beach, NY details call 718-835-2224

May 6
We support & attend the annual National Police Defense Foundation dinner @ Russo’s on the Bay
Details call- 732-617-2330

May 14
We support and will attend the National Council of Columbia Assoc . annual Dinner @ El Cabrie
In Brooklyn, details call- 646-341-1478, http://thenationalcouncil.com

June 21-27
Camp Wonder week in Livermore , California
I will be attending to give support to helping kids with disabilities.
Need info go to; www.csdf.org

August 28-Sept. 8
Venice & Cavarzere, Lampedusca, (Sicily)
Special guest of the Awards ceremony for the “Comitato della Croce” society

Sept. 11
Attend the annual mass “ Rememberence of 9-11” in Hazelton, Pa


June 23- 27
Camp Wonder, Livermore ,Ca
My Fire foundation has donated the money for the week of night events
Anyone wishing to attend and help contact me.

July 9-18
Catania, Sicily
visit board members, friends, family & vacation

December 1-9
Venice- Cavarzere
Attend awards ceremony

(Premio della Bonta)-Comitato della Croce


Venice- Cavarzere

Re-organized new office in Venice, appointed Lorenza Lain, V.P. of Venice at a cocktail party at the hotel 'Casagredo' where she is general manager. Had lunch and met with long friends of Muraco & Buraco, Bepi D’Este (Director of ICA Venice) and restaurant owner LeLe Maisol. Presented a certificate of appreciation to Stefano Sent & Nike Ireland owners of 'Vertreria COLONNA' for all the support they gave to the International Columbia Association. Had dinener with old friend and V.P. of ICA Luciano Boscolo Cucco & his son Stefano, at the famous Da IVO restaurant.

Next Stop was Cavarzere, where I had lunch Commandant of Carabinieri station in Porto Vio,(also old time friend) Emanuele Salvagnin, than traveled with a group of 25 people on a Pullman to Bolzano where the 'Comitato della Croce' had a ceremony and handed out humanitarian awards, this year marked ten years I am with this group. I also met with old friends of the group; Roberto Morato Director of ICA, Fiorzeno Tommasi, Paulo, Patrizia, Claudo, Rosella, Giada, Ilaria,& Giuliana.

The eight days spent in Italy was filled with joy and friendship, and the 'Remembrance of the Victims of 9-11'.

Cav.Vincent A Tummino
International Columbia Association
NYC Fire Department (ret)


April 7- 14
Visit board members in Rome
Visit friends at the Vatican Fire Station
Visit friends in Nettuno

April 26
Vincent Tummino, Lifetime Achievement Award
by the Bronx Conservative Committee
@ Marina Del Rey for tickets call William @ 718-822-0504

16 -17
 Visit Brescia Fire Dept

 Visit ICA Directors & friends in Venice , Cavarzere, Chioggia, Burano

Guest of Rotary Club in Noale

Attend Urla nel Silenzio Conference in Naples

17- 24
Visits ICA Headquarters & Directors in Sicily

Attend awards ceremony (Premio della Bonta)-Comitato della Croce in Naples

Special Event with Associazone Nazionale
Carabinieri , Sabaudia 147


April 30
Hazelton, Pa (City Hall) 12 noon
The raising of Patriot Flag (60’American Flag) that is traveling around the country
will be on display that day, ceremony at City Hall 12
Coordinated by Hazelton Fire Dept

May 13-17
Venice, Italy
Will visit Venice will meet officials to discuss the rowing of a gondola in NYC this
October for the Remembrance of the victims of 9-11

May 15
Cavarzere, Italy
Meet with officials of the “Comitato della Croce”

May 17-20
Siena, Italy
Will attend a conference with members of the
“Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance”
At the University of Siena

August 26-Sept.5
World Police & Fire Games will be held in NYC
I will coordinate the Lawn Bowling event from
Central Park on Aug.29, 30, 31

September 10-12
Hazelton, Pa
On Sept. 11, will attend the annual memorial service for the victims of 9-11
Coordinated by the Hazelton Fire Dept. - Engine 1

Oct. 6 & 7
Gondoliers from Venice, Italy will
row a Gondola around Staten Island
for the “Remembrance of 9-11”

Oct. 8
Ceremony @ The Postcards monument
In St George, 12 noon

Oct 20-23
Urla nel Silenzio Conference

Oct 23- 30
Visiting Association Friends

Dec 12-15
Visiting Association Friends

Dec15- 19
The "Premio Internazionale della Bonta"
awards ceremony given by the "Comitato della Croce"


Dec. 19, 2010
The "Premio Internazionale della Bonta" awards ceremony given by the
"Comitato della Croce" will be held @ St Ignazio Church, Roma

October 30- November 6
Visiting Sicily region
Staying @ President Park Hotel, Ari Castello

October 28 & 29
Roma - Urla nel Silenzio Conference @ Hotel Pineta Palace, Roma
Sept 14- 21
FDNY (gondola rowing team) firefighters
prepare for Regatta in Buruno

Guest of friends of Venice

August 26--SEPT 2
Visiting TERAMO, ABRUZZO  region
Staying @ Hotel Villa Fiorita, Giulianova

April 23-30
24- Visit friends & members in Cavarzere
25,- Will receive the "San Marco Knighthood Award."
Dinner to follow @ IVO Restaurant
26- Visit friends & members in Chioggia
27- Visit friends & members in Murano & Burano
28 -Visit friends & member in Venice


November 5 & 6
Guest Speaker for the Conference/Convention of Urla nel Silenzio
"Howls in the Silence"
Central Park Hotel , Roma

December 4 & 5 - 2009
Premio International della Bonta awards ceremony
L"Aquilia, Abruzzo

view Event poster

April 18- 24
Meet with Veneto Region President Giancarlo Galan
Venice Sindaco Massimo Cacciar
Venice Fire Director Fabio Dattilo
Gen Mgr of Westin Europa Regina Hoyel Giuseppe DeMartino
Visit with our friends from, Venice, Muraco, & Buraco
Trip setup by Bepi D'Este of Buraco.

May 15- 24
Catania, Sicily
Visit children of public school in Zafferana for a ceremony to remember the victims of 9-11-01
Meet Officials of Vittoria
Meet with officials of PSV Service
Visit our friends from Garda, Catania,& Vittoria
Trip setup by PSV Service of San Gregorio


April 24 - May 3
Visit Directors & friends of the International Columbia Assoc.

May 27- June 4
Award Ceremony in Catania, Sicily

Sept 10 , 2008
St. Barbara Memorial Ceremony

September 11, 2008
Remembrance Mass of 9-11-01 victims
Hazelton, Pa
( Fire Dept )

October 28 - November 5
Visit to Sicily to conduct business for International Columbia
(contact Catania office for info)

December 3 - 4
Special Dinner & Ceremony present Citation from NYC City Council to; Claudio
Staderini, Natale Rusconi, Arrigo Cipriani at the Danieli hotel (Venice)

Ceremony to Commemorate Santa Barbara in (Burano)

December 6 - 8, 2008
"2008 Comitato Della Croce"
Genoa, (Italy)

December 7, 2008
Premio internazionale Della Bonta
Genoa, (Italy)

December 10th
Community Mayors Inc
Handicapped Children's Christmas Party


June 21, 2007
" Man of the Year "
Columbia association, FDNY

July 4, 2007
Cerimonia Intitolazione " Piazza 11 Settembre" in
Spilinga, Calabria

July 20, 2007
"LaRotta del Sale"
Chioggia, Venezia

Sept 2, 2007
Award Ceremony
"Premio Ragusani nel Mondo"
Marina Di Ragusa,Sicily

Sept.9, 2007
Hazleton, Pa.
Dedication of new pumper Heights FD, Engine 4
Ceremony & Remembrance of 9/11

October 6, 2007
"Tribute to Fallen Firefighters of 9-11"

December 23, 2007
" Comitato della Croce"
Catania, Sicily

Spring Program 2008

* Arrive in Venice on April 24, 2008
Stay in hotel in Chioggia, (VE) April 24- 27 Meet with International Vice President
of Italy Luciano Boscolo Cucco,, Attend an awards ceremony in San Marco April 25

* Travel to Abruzzi and meet with famous artist "ALICE" in Mosciano (TE) & meet
with International Director Abruzzi ( Rotunno) April 27-29

* Proceed to Caserta / Naples visit with local firefighters, and meet with
International Directors Naples (Fiorillo & Fiscimaje) April 29- May 2

* Stay in Roma May 2 meet with International Director Roma (Cruciani )
meet with friend Emmanuele Nasi @ Sheraton-Roma Resort Hotel.

May 28 -June 4 2008

I will be in Catania, Sicily to meet with the
International Columbia Assoc. Vice President & Director of Sicily (Ivan Tinnirello & Giuseppe Belluomo)

Meet with the Director of Etnapolis (shopping mall)

May 31, 2008 receive award from artist Carmen Arena & her group of artist from Misterbianco, (CT)

The annual mass of remembrance for the victims of 9-11-01
will be held on
September 11, 2008 , 7:00 PM
at Holy Rosary Church
in Hazelton, Pa.

This is an annual event held by the
Hazelton, Pa. Fire Department.

Contact person: Tony Columbo


Dear Vincent

I inform you that the "Premio Internazionale della Bontà" 2009 takes place in Coppito (L'Aquila - Abruzzo) into the "Scuola Sottoufficiali della Guardia di Finanza" (the same place of G8 SUMMIT) the day December 5TH. It will be dedicate to all the victims of the Abruzzo earthquake and particularly to a fireman died during the after-earthquake aids, his name is Marco Cavagna.
The Award Commission will decide the name of the winners the day October 4th (most probably….Other details as soon as possible.