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Cavarzere FD

Cavarzere City Hall

Tommasi & Tummino

Roberto Morato & Fiorenzo Tommasi

Hon. Sandelands from US Concul

Fior Tommassani, Cavarzere, Italy

Giuseppe Pillitteri

Cavarzere High School Presentation

Fire Chief of Vento Region

Friends from Cavarzere

Clambake...  Italian Style

At the Clambake

At the Clambake

At City Hall

Italian Coast Guard

Fiorenzo Tomassi

Fishermen of Chiouggia

Schoolkids of Cavarzere

Tenconi's in Cavarzere

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Dinner Dance ('97-2000) Christmas Party '99 Parade 2000 Pocmont 2000
Dinner Dance 2001 Italy 2001 Parade 2002 Pocmont 2001
Dinner Dance 2002 Italy 2002 Parade 2003 Pocmont 2003
Dinner Dance 2003 Neptune & Florence 2003 Parade 2004 Pocmont 2004
Dinner Dance 2004 Italy 2004 Parade 2006 National Council Dance 2003
Dinner Dance 2005 Burano, Murano, Venice 2004 Messina Fire Chief in NYC 9-11 Tribute, Fulton City, Ga.Sept 03
Dinner Dance 2006 Ceremony Lombardina General Meeting WTC Ceremony 10/03
Dinner Dance 2013 Sicily 2005 Nt'l Firefighters Memorial Weekend 2003 National Council Dance
Order of Merit Italy 2006 Pelco Dedication NY 2003 Miscellaneous 
Fund Raiser Cavarzere Italian Friends